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About Us

Inspiration. Knowledge. Community. Warmth. Connection.

Welcome to L’Chaim Center – a place where Inspiration, Knowledge, Community, Warmth, and Connection converge to create a true and vibrant Jewish unity. We believe in fostering authentic Jewish experiences through a diverse range of classes, events, Shabbat and holiday services, as well as unforgettable trips and celebrations. Regardless of age, background, or affiliation, L’Chaim Center invites Jewish individuals to satisfy their craving for genuine Jewish connections.

Our community is founded on a sense of belonging, providing a warm and inspiring environment without membership dues but with a strong commitment to personal growth and the exploration of each individual's unique Jewish identity.

At L’Chaim Center, Jewish life and learning come to life. It is the space for your Jewish journey, conveniently located in Deerfield Park Plaza at 405 Lake Cook Road STE 207.

We are delighted to have you here! Meet Rabbi Gadi and Eve Levy, passionate educators dedicated to creating a welcoming space that pays homage to our magnificent Jewish heritage.

What defines L’Chaim Center? We are The Space for Your Jewish Journey. A spiritual and warm Jewish community that serves as a vibrant hub for Jews of all backgrounds, ages, and stages to learn, observe, create, and celebrate. We strongly believe in the unifying power of our shared Jewish identity, emphasizing the commonalities that bind us together. From joyous Shabbat and holiday celebrations to engaging Torah study and exploring our rich culture through art, cooking, and music, we delve into the ways our heritage intertwines with our everyday lives and relationships.

Building this community is the realization of our dream – to help Jews embrace their unique Jewish identity collectively, as one people. Join us at L’Chaim Center; we look forward to welcoming you!

Jewish life and learning come alive at L’Chaim Center…The space for your Jewish journey. L’Chaim Center is located in Deerfield Park Plaza – 405 Lake Cook Road STE 207.


Prayer & Torah Study

Our daily morning Minyan, are held Monday to Fridays at 7:45am, Sundays 8:30am, and  Shabbat Morning 9:15am

We usually will have coffee and some Torah study following each morning Minyan.

Our daily evening Minyan is held at 7:15pm

Now, as always,  L’Chaim Center should be your home.

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784